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Sonny General Hospital Spoilers


According to a series of GH spoilers, the two main characters will have an affair this week, and it will be an explosive one! Sonny will also reveal a surprising secret about his future wife, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), and Phyllis will uncover Nina’s secret. In addition, Jason will plan to free Cyrus from Pentonville, and more! Keep reading to find out what will happen on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital.

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) will decide that she’s had enough of Nelle

Carly Corinthos (Laura Williams) has been pulling the same stunts on Sonny General Hospital for quite some time. She has already blown up and asked Nina Corinthos (Kate McKinley) to buy the hotel she’s been running since she moved to Port Charles. Nevertheless, she will have to decide how to handle the situation.

Sonny’s past relationships have led him to a lot of conflict. Prior to Carly, he was in various relationships with Brenda Barrett, Vanessa Marcil, and Sonny’s sister Nelle. They have always clashed because of Sonny’s work and other responsibilities. The couple has been separated several times and is now ready to make up.

Phyllis will discover Nina’s secret

Phyllis is about to learn about Nina’s past on Sonny General Hospital. In a recent dream, Sonny thought that he had received a gift from Lenny Caulfield. He thought that this gift would be her daughter. But now he wants to reunite Nina and her daughter. He may get some clues from Dante Falconeri.

It is highly possible that Phyllis knew there were two babies. The actress’ character made two half-heart necklaces for her daughter Madeline. One could have belonged to Nelle while the other belonged to Nina. This way, she was not just a victim of mistaken identity. If it was Nina, she may have guessed that she had two daughters. The truth will come out, and Phyllis will have to face the consequences.

Sonny’s relationship with Emily Quartermaine

The drama of Sonny’s relationship with Emily Quartermain was complicated. Emily was the ex-wife of Sonny’s best friend. Their relationship had been a secret for years because of Carly’s obsession. Emily was shocked by Carly’s accusations and thought it was crazy. Emily and Sonny were just friends and the town opposed a romance. One night, Emily dreamt about Sonny and began thinking about him constantly.

When Sonny is questioned about his affair, Emily’s mother reveals that Sonny is seeing another woman. Emily tells Zander about the affair, but he is resistant to this, saying that it’s a “witch hunt” and “not my type.” When she confesses to Zander, Sonny agrees to cover his bail. Sonny hires Alexis Davis, Nikolas’ aunt, to represent Zander. Meanwhile, a robber kills Sonny and Emily outside the Port Charles Police Department. Sonny and Emily fight back and Zander eventually kills the gunman who shot her. However, they decide to leave town.

Jason’s plan to free Cyrus from Pentonville

If you’ve been following the Sonny General Hospital spoilers, you know that Cyrus Renault is now incarcerated in Pentonville Prison. Laura Spencer, who works as the prison’s head of security, managed to get Cyrus transferred to solitary confinement, but this plan didn’t work out so well. After all, Cyrus still gave orders. In Sonny General Hospital spoilers, Jason’s plan to free Cyrus from prison may work out, but the question remains: who will Jason send after Cyrus?

While Jason’s plan to free Cyrus from prison has been a big concern, fans should not give up on the possibility of him escaping the jail in a hurry. While Jason’s plan is risky, it’s working as intended. With Cyrus growing in power, it would be easy for him to order a hit on Jason. That’s why his escape plan has been so vital to the story line of the season so far.

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