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Rumor Mill News is one of the oldest independent news websites. The website was started by Rayelan and Gunther Russbacher, two of the most famous political prisoners during the George Herbert Walker Bush presidency. The Russbachers have been the subject of many articles published by Rumor Mill News. Here are some tips on how to identify credible news and keep your rumor mill news free of disinformation. We’ll also talk about the reading room and website loading time.


When information is presented for a profit, it is often called disinformation. The process of intentionally misinforming people about events or issues is a widespread problem. The spread of false information and rumors has led to the evolution of several trends and events. In the case of the SARS-CoV-2 infodemic, separating fact from fiction has been difficult. Unreliable sources have flooded the web with unverified stories, making fact-checking a challenging task. Even health professionals have been guilty of disseminating unsubstantiated information.

Credibility of rumor mill news

Many rumors have become real. Some of them are deliberately fake and spread by satirical websites. If you’re suspicious that a news story is fake, don’t share it with anyone. Not only will this spread rumor mill news, but it will also harm your professional credibility. How do you know if something is fake? Follow the rules below. Identify fake and credible news. What are the characteristics of credible news?

Reading room

The Rumor Mill Reading Room is one of the hottest and most popular secret and entertainment sites online. Founded in 2014, this innovative website has generated many questions and answers using content provided by its readers. Its name comes from a rumor that the New York Times Company would shut down the site. Now, it has grown to become one of the fastest growing celebrity websites, with a large user base and a large audience. This website publishes free content and allows users to submit content.

Website loading time

Rumor Mill News is a leading alternative news site with over 150 journalists worldwide. From sports to pop culture to the latest political scandal, Rumor Mill covers just about any subject you can imagine. Their readers range in age from sixteen to ninety-six, and they also feature Citizen Reporters who submit news items. Their founder, Rayelan Allan, is a professional English teacher and the author of Diana, Queen of Heaven.

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