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Range Officer Operator -Elite


The Springfield Range Operator 1911 pistol was originally created for competition. Fans asked for a concealed carry variant and Springfield responded. The 1911 pistol has a forged carbon steel frame and checkered Cocobolo grips. It is designed to provide smooth handling and ease of concealment. It is available in 9mm and.45 ACP. It is offered in 5.5-inch length and a comfortable ambidextrous grip.


The 1911-A1 Range Officer Elite Operator is a versatile handgun that delivers exceptional accuracy. It features a Black-T finish, slanted front serrations, fiber optic front and rear sights, and Gen 2 trigger. Unlike some handguns, the Range Officer Elite operator will not get hot or overheat when fired. It is also incredibly easy to use with its one-handed operation and features a Gen 2 safety.

.45 ACP

The Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator is a streamlined, compact-size handgun built for accuracy and precision shooting. Its Black-T finish, slanted serrations, and fiber optic front and rear sights make it a highly-reliable handgun. It also features a Gen 2 trigger and GI recoil system. Retail prices start at $1,030.

5.5-inch length

The Range Officer series of handguns is designed for SWAT and hostage rescue teams. The Range Officer Elite Operator is designed to command attention right out of the box. Its thin-line black/gray G-10 grips and forged steel frame are sure to attract attention. Whether you are shooting at the range or out on a mission, the Range Officer Elite Operator has what it takes to win your heart.

5.5-inch grip

The 5.5-inch grip for Range Officer Elite pistols offers match-grade accuracy and horsepower with the convenience of a slim profile. The custom thin-line G10 grips with a Black-T finish provide unmatched accuracy and grip feel. In addition, this pistol features an extended ambidextrous safety. The Stainless steel model is available in ninemm or twenty-four-grain, and both models share the same exterior dimensions. Because the 9mm version includes an extra barrel, the gun is slightly heavier than its equivalent 10mm counterpart.

Compact size

The compact size Range Officer Elite Operator 1911 pistol from Springfield Armory is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to carry a concealed pistol. Its compact size and forged aluminum frame are ideal for concealment, and its barrel is a match-grade stainless steel. The Elite Operator also includes a Picatinny rail for attaching lasers and lights. Additionally, the pistol includes front and rear slide serrations, as well as a fiber-optic front sight and tactical-ledge rear sight. Listed at a price of $1,030, the compact size range officer operator elite is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

5.5-inch concealability

If you are in need of a concealed carry 1911 pistol, look no further than the Springfield Operator. This full-size gun is 5.5 inches long, making it perfect for concealment under clothing. The pistol also performs well in the snowy winter months, blending into the concealer with ease. This pistol is designed with SWAT teams in mind. Its forged carbon steel frame and thin-line black/gray G-10 grips are both highly durable, while its smooth Gen 2 trigger is very pleasant to use.

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