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Modelo Reserva


Tequila-finished Mexican lager. Brewed in Mexico, this Mexican beer is finished with aged wood from tequila barrels. Its flavors are primarily natural. Pilsner-style with natural flavors. It is available on tap and is a favorite among beer connoisseurs. It also comes in a variety of flavors, including a hint of smoky tequila.

Tequila-finished Mexican lager

A brand new beer from Wellington Brewery is a barrel-aged Mexican lager named Vibora! Its aroma is super-fresh and citrusy with hints of tequila and lime. It finishes tart. The tequila barrel aging adds a coconut and vanilla flavor that adds complexity to this zippy summer lager. Available now at the Wellington Brewery and online at tequila-finished beer.

The beer was aged for nine months in tequila barrels. The resulting beer has hints of smoke, vanilla, oak, and agave. Its 6% ABV is well-balanced and has flavors of coffee, tequila, and cinnamon. The finish is rounded out by agave sweetness. While there are a few differences in the taste of this brew, many beer lovers love its unique taste and aroma.

Natural flavors

A pilsner style Mexican lager, Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel-Finished Mexican Lager Beer is a bold new twist on a classic beverage. Brewed on aged wood from tequila barrels, it features subtle notes of oak. Light and refreshing, Modelo Reserva is a new take on Mexican beer that celebrates the uniqueness of its culture and heritage.

Pilsner-style lager

This is a rich, pilsner-style lager with an extra kick of noble hops. The noble hops were first added to Pilsners as a response to beer spoilage. The result is a beer that is extra crisp and refreshing – ideal for a hot day. Modelo Especial is available in cans and is perfect for pairing with Mexican food or seafood.

This Mexico-brewed beer is 4.0% alcohol by volume. The modelo Especial has a more complex flavor compared to its pale counterpart. This beer is available in six packs and is often substituted for darker beers in recipes and slow-cooking soups. This beer is brewed in Tacuba and is a flagship brand of Corona beer. Modelo Extra is the world’s best-selling Mexican beer.

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