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General Hospital Spoilers Jason


There’s a lot to talk about in General Hospital spoilers this week, including what surgery changed Jason Morgan’s life forever, Carly’s love triangle with Drew, and Jason’s relationship with Michael Corinthos. In addition to these topics, there are a number of other important details to know about this week’s episode. Continue reading to find out more. After the jump, you’ll know why Jason is so close to Drew, and why Michael Corinthos is so close to his heart.

Jason Morgan’s surgery changed his life

The title of this week’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital could hardly be more apt. As Jason Morgan’s surgeon, Dr. Drake, prepares to remove the control chip from Helena, we’re immediately reminded that the procedure is incredibly dangerous and could change Jason’s life forever. While Jake and Liz try to calm Jason’s nerves, they soon realize that he is not the same person they thought he was.

Carly’s love triangle with Drew

During the week’s episode of General Hospital, Carly was there to tell Sonny about Peter’s death, and Nina was with him as well. Drew and Nina had a long-lasting, emotional relationship, but Drew’s advances toward Carly made it difficult to ignore her feelings for Sonny. The two are now on good terms, but Drew has been enamored with Carly, and he feels obligated to support her.

Nina Wu’s involvement in the mobsters’ plot

In this week’s General Hospital, we’re treated to shocking revelations, big promises, and intense confrontations. In one storyline, Brook Lynn digs up dirt on Linc, Curtis gets pushback from Selina, and Cam and Finn bond. Meanwhile, Cody has a surprising idea for Spinelli. Trina and Joss head to a more dangerous part of town, while Sonny’s sweet-talking tactics backfire.

Jason’s confiding in Michael Corinthos

As you may have noticed, this week on General Hospital, Jason will be sharing some of his deepest secrets with Michael Corinthos. His heartbreaking confession will upset Michael, but the episode will also feature a powerful moment for Sonny. The two men are likely to make an unexpected move. After all, Jason hasn’t been on the same page for some time. Nevertheless, the two will still bond over their shared past.

Carly’s revenge on Sonny

In General Hospital, we’re getting closer to the conclusion of Carly’s revenge on Sonny. Sonny and Carly are currently in a terrible spot and Carly is siding with Ava. Carly believes that Ava is the culprit behind the death of Sonny’s son, but Sonny doesn’t know that Carly and Ava exchanged prescriptions. Ultimately, the two men come to blows, and Carly’s revenge on Sonny will be sweet and bitter.

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