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Catherine The Great X Rated Furniture


There are several articles online that talk about X-rated furniture, and I am going to share one of them here. In 1941, during Operation Barbarossa, a Nazi attempt to take over the Soviet Union, Wehrmacht soldiers discovered X-rated furniture and began taking photos before the palaces were destroyed. Is it true that Catherine the Great had sex with a horse?

erotic furniture

Before World War II, Catherine the Great had some erotic furniture made for her private boudoir. But the pieces were largely destroyed by the Nazis, leaving no official documentation of the furnishings. But today, Cote France has recreated her erotic furniture in stunning color. You can view dozens of videos of Catherine the Great having sex with erotic furniture and other items. Here are some examples of the furniture.

Although it has never been proven that the Russian Empress had an erotic furniture cabinet, she is said to have had several intimate affairs with other nobles. While some of her lovers enjoyed political benefits from the relationship, others simply sat by her side. And as her son Paul I of Russia cultivated an atmosphere of palace intrigue during the war, the rumors about the erotic furniture that she had collected were based on untrue stories.

Sexual relationships

The emperor of Russia, Catherine the Great, was notorious for her affairs of the heart and her love of erotic furniture. She ruled Russia for almost a century, and her sexual relationships were notoriously obscene. However, the era of X-rated furniture was not yet over. While most women would shy away from the thought of a woman having sex with a male, the Russian queen was a notorious x-rated furniture collector.

Despite her public image of a chaste “Enlightened Empress,” Catherine enjoyed many sensual relationships. In fact, she kept an illegitimate painting by Giulio Romano in her basement. The Great’s love life has been overshadowed by the fact that she had affairs with at least 22 men over the course of her lifetime. Her relationship with her husband was reportedly strained due to his alcoholism, but she found comfort in a Russian military officer, Sergei Saltykov. The two of them later had a child together.

Horse jokes

X-rated furniture horse jokes have been around for a long time, but HBO’s new series on the monarch is tackling the horse-loving queen head on. Although she never died having sex with a horse, Catherine the Great was rumored to have had twelve affairs, had several illegitimate children, and gave lavish gifts to her consorts. One of her rivals even started a rumor that she wasn’t a virgin when she married Peter.

The Great nails a lot of the details of Catherine’s life, but this horse rumor takes center stage. In fact, it’s her reputation that has made her an object of derision and has reduced her to a dirty joke. However, in her new book, The Great, McNamara tackles this reputation head-on by showing how the rumor originated from jealous rivals, which she acknowledges is a fair and factual assessment.

Whether or not Catherine the Great had sex with a horse

It has been widely reported that Catherine the Great had sex with ‘an innocent horse’. But historians know better. The rumour did not surface until decades after her death. In fact, she died from a stroke, not having sex with a horse. And it’s no wonder, since horses are innocent creatures. The horse had no idea that Catherine was having sex with it.

Throughout the 34 years of Catherine’s reign, rumors of lewd acts and sex with horses abounded. Maids of the reigning monarch reportedly spread the stories about Catherine’s sex life. This spread among rivals and further fueled the rumor. The truth of the matter is that many powerful women have been the target of rumors of sexual deviance.

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