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Amazon’s Fashion and Style Department


Amazon’s Fashion and Style Department Is Full of Unique Features

Amazon’s fashion and style department is full of unique features. It’s curated content features exclusive fashion shoots, handpicked garments, and inspirational content. With Prime Wardrobe, you can try on garments before buying them. You can also pose in mirrors and see how the garments will look on you.

StyleSnap is a personal shopping assistant

If you have ever had trouble finding what you need online, you may want to check out StyleSnap, a new app that helps you find similar pieces that you might not have considered. The app can analyze your outfit photos and direct you to similar shoppable pieces on Amazon. It can use images that you upload to Amazon or from users. It will also present you with curated options for similar outfits.

The style assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend similar items that match the outfit you’re wearing. All you have to do is upload a picture of the item to StyleSnap, and it will suggest similar items on Amazon based on the style, price range, and reviews.

Prime Wardrobe lets you try on clothes before you buy

Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe service will allow you to try on clothes before you buy them. It’s similar to services like Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, and it’s free for Prime members. Once you receive the box, you have seven days to try the clothes on and pay only for the ones you want to keep. The service offers several benefits to Prime members, including free shipping and exclusive access to items in the warehouse.

Prime Wardrobe allows you to try on over a million items from hundreds of brands. You can even try on clothes for babies. You can choose a size to order and then choose up to eight items to try on. You can also use the seven-day try-on period to send back the unwanted items.

Reformation’s dressing areas allow customers to pose in mirrors

Reformation is a California fashion brand that focuses on eco-friendly designs and comfortable fit. Their clothing is designed to fit real women. Their stores feature smart fitting rooms that let customers use touch-screens to select different sizes. They also feature a mobile app that allows customers to order items without leaving the store.

Nike’s leaving is of little consequence to Amazon

While Nike’s departure isn’t a big deal for the Amazon fashion business, it could be a sign of things to come. Nike has cut its relationship with nine accounts, including many smaller independents, three sporting goods chains, two major off-pricers, and two major fashion players. Those losses don’t necessarily mean that Amazon is losing control of its fashion business, but it does indicate that Amazon needs to innovate.

While some argue that Amazon’s loss of Nike’s wholesale business is a blow to the fashion industry, the reality is that Nike has grown its direct sales through e-commerce to 30% of its total sales. This is a significant increase and is expected to increase to 30% of Nike’s sales by 2023. Amazon needs Nike to grow, but it could have found another source of supply, such as an e-commerce marketplace. Or Nike could have changed its mind and decided to stick with its direct business. But instead of focusing on Amazon’s losses, Nike is focusing on growing its existing customer base and increasing its own sales.

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