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A Standard Working Committee Established To Drive China Auto Chip Industry


ISO Standard Working Committee to Drive China Auto Chip Industry

Chen Hong, Standard chairman of SAIC Motor and a deputy of the NPC, proposed a two-step strategy for driving local automotive chip production. First, automakers and system suppliers should drive local production of lower-technology threshold chips. Second, chip suppliers should establish an internal dynamic mechanism. Third, the largest auto market should develop a development outline for a local automotive chip industry, clarify the target of localization, and strengthen the supply chain and IPR protection.


The CESI is a professional institute for standardization in the electronics and IT industries. It was founded in 1963 and is affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Institute focuses on developing standards and testing and measurement methods. It also offers technical service, information service and strategic study in the standardization field. The organization is an important player in the industry and is actively engaged in international standardization.

The CESI standard working committee, which comprises more than 40 industry companies, is set up to promote domestic auto chip manufacturing. The group’s members include China’s semiconductor giant Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., as well as other key Chinese chip companies. These companies are aiming to develop automotive chips that will meet global standards. In addition to making automotive chips, these companies are developing smarter, electrified and internet-connected cars.


CATARC, a science research institute, was established in 1985 to address the needs of China’s automotive industry. It belongs to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and acts as a technical organization for the auto industry and relevant national government departments. Among its objectives is to improve automotive safety and efficiency.

CATARC is made up of more than 40 companies and is led by Chinese chip-making company Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. The initiative is intended to drive China’s auto chip industry forward. A shortage of auto chips worldwide has prompted domestic chip makers to increase their research and development efforts and have attracted more automakers to invest in homegrown auto chips.


The ISO standard working committee on automotive electronic components has been established by more than 40 companies, including Chinese chip-making company Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. The new committee is an important step in China’s effort to build a domestic auto chip industry. Chip makers in China have boosted their research and development activities in response to a worldwide shortage of auto chips. As vehicles become increasingly intelligent, electrified, and internet-connected, electronic components will play a critical role in driving this transformation.

ISO 26262 certification focuses on the functional safety of automotive components. It requires engineering focus, a strong safety culture, management commitment, and significant investment. Integrators must decide if the claims made by a vendor are valid, otherwise they risk using substandard components.

China’s standards bureaucracy

The standards bureaucracy in China is very high in quality, which gives the country an edge over many authoritarian countries. It has been around for a very long time, and its personnel are well-trained and professional. However, there are challenges with working across bureaucracies and with different agencies.

China’s bureaucracy has over 7 million members and is indispensable to the running of the economy. As such, understanding their working methods is essential for understanding the country’s politics. However, understanding their processes is a science in itself, and this newsletter will only scratch the surface of this complex process.

Expert support group

The Chinese government has created an expert support group to help drive the China auto chip industry. The group consists of more than 40 members, including Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp, a leading chip maker in the country. The Chinese government is trying to develop its own auto chip industry to reduce its dependence on imported chips. As cars become smarter, internet-connected and electrified, processors have become a critical part of the vehicle’s operation. As a result, chipmakers are increasingly investing in research and development to produce their own products.

China is planning massive investments to develop its chip industry. However, the question that remains is how to integrate new Chinese chip production into the global chip market. This will require new rules and policies that will encourage competition.

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